Morning or Evening - Hidden Temple Hike

Head into the countryside within the Angkor Archaeological Park on foot for a gentle half day hike on flat terrain (around 9-10km) to some of our favorite secret and secluded temples. The walk begins along an ancient irrigation channel to the moat of the ancient city of Angkor Thom. Follow the walls in the shade of tall Dipterocarp trees and pass through Angkor Krau village to reach Prasat Prei temple. This consists of a single tower plus a fire shrine, all enclosed by a laterite wall with gates to east and west. The entire compound is enclosed by a moat, brimming with life during the rainy season.

Continue on for a mile through bush, skirting small paddy fields then enter the forest surrounding Prasat Banteay Thom temple. In the thirteenth century Banteay Thom would have rivaled many of the temples in the main Angkor complex but time and looters have taken their toll on the carvings. A surviving pediment worth noting is the young Buddha’s ‘Great Departure’ on a horse. In the right-hand tower a large hole beneath a pedestal suggests that thieves had been searching for buried treasure, a common theme in remote temples across the country. There are no roads to Banteay Thom so you will most likely have the experience of an atmospheric temple completely to yourself.

Important customer information:

We recommend you have good walking boots or trainers. The route crosses a couple of streams, which you will likely have to walk or wade through. Along sandy paths the walking is not hard but 3 hours plus under the Cambodian sun requires a lot of rehydration, we recommend customers carry 2 liters of water for a half day walk. Light loose clothing gives protection from sun and insects, and long trousers stop vegetation scratching legs.

Note: this tour can be taken in the morning (AM) or afternoon (PM)
Morning tour recommended to start at 07:30 – 11:00
Afternoon tour recommended to start at 15:00 – 18:30

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